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China SINOCONST Heavy Industry Corporation(short for SINOCONST-HI )as a fabrication export processing base where fabricate heavy steel structure and assembly large-scale equipment in Guangdong was invested by China Machinery Industry Construction Group Inc. (Short for SINOCONST, which is one of the earliest large state-owned construction enterprises in China ). There are all types of 400..
■ Zhanjiang Gulf Bridge
■ Guangzhou Liede Bridge
■ Guangdong Humen Bridge
■ Jiangyin Yangtze River Br..
■ Stonecutters Bridge Proj..
■ Hong Kong Tsing Ma Bridge..
■ Hydro steel plant project..
■ Metro steel material inst..
■ Dongfang Electric (Guangz..
■ Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Ele..
■ Shanghai Tyrone semicondu..
■ Shenyang Corsi silicon ch..
■ 600 tons gantry crane mac..
■ Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Br..
■ TKF project
■ Ship block fabrication
■ Shanghai Pudong Airport T..
■ National Stadium
■ Macau East Asian Games Do..
■ Chengdu Airport Terminal
■ Guangdong Olympic Stadium..
■ Shanghai Stadium
■ Guangzhou New TV Tower pr..


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